What is IconCool Green Submission Assistant?

IconCool Green Submission Assistant is a powerful software submission tool developed by famouse IconCool team, it can efficiently perform submission tasks such like searching products, logining shareware account, opening submission pages, filling in forms, selecting the categories and more; and these kinds of tasks which should be operated by human resources: entering validation code, activating account and so on.

IconCool Green Submission Assistant works neither automatically nor manually, but it's "Green" completely - Higher Efficiency and Spam Free.

To do the same automatic submission task, IconCool Green Submission Assistant allows you to watch the whole submission process, and so get much higher accuracy than traditional automatic submission tools which usually only run in background.

Why Choose IconCool Green Submission Assistant?

IconCool Green Submission Assistant Manual Submission Automatic Submission
Success Rate 100% 100% < 50%
Efficiency or Speed 100% <10% <75%
Enter Validation Code Manually and Spam Free
Success Rate 100%
Manually and Spam Free
Success Rate 100%
Taken as Spam
Success Rate < 60%
Select Category Automatically and Exactly Manually
Low Efficiency
Backlink Solution Complete Backlink Solution No No
Create and Confirm Account Manually Manually Don't Know
Fill in Thousands Forms Automatically and Exactly Manually
Low Efficiency
Open Hundreds Submission Pages Automatically and Exactly Manually
Low Efficiency

Key Features:

arrow. Submit your software to 560+ download sites;
arrow. In trial version, you can submit your software to 200 sites free;
arrow. Search your product and find the latest version listed;
arrow. Select submission category automatically and exactly;
arrow. Login submission account and fill submission forms automatically;
arrow. WYSIWYG - Get much higher submission accuracy;
arrow. Check validity of your PAD document automatically;
arrow. Easy-to-use project manager for submitting multiple products.

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Here's what you get with your registration:

Obtain the registration codes to enable all functions in minutes.
Update to the latest full-working versions in minutes.
Notifications of main upgrade release and new Registration Codes, FREE of charge.
Lifetime technical support.
No time limit on usage.
No annoying registration notices.
Finally, your registering will inspire us to improve these programs and continue to develop more and higher quality products in the future!

Please click the following buttons to download the FREE 30-Day-Trial Versions, or click "Buy Now" buttons to buy the Full-working versions and register.

IconCool Green Submission Assistant
Site 1
Site 2
IconCool Green Submission Assistant
v1.00 Build 130826

Other Products
Site 1
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IconCool Studio Pro
with IconCool Mixer
v7.70 Build 121120
3 ImageCool Converter
v3.2 Build 130320
Graphics Converter Pro 2013
v3.2 Build 130320
PDFCool Studio
v3.32 Build 130330

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How to register and get the full-working version

Reasons to register:

IconCool Green Submission Assistant is a "Shareware" program. Everyone is entitled to evaluate the software for 30 days without charge. After 30 days, if you decline to register, many functions of the software will automatically become disabled.

Here's what you get with your IconCool Green Submission Assistant registration:

Obtain your registration code in minutes.
Enable the full-working functions in minutes.
Upgrade to the newest full-working version in minutes.
Notifications of main upgrade release.
Life-of-product technical support.
No time limit on usage.
No annoying registration notices.

Finally, your registering will inspire us to improve this program and continue to develop more and higher quality products in the future!

Subscription Level
Subscription Length
Standard Subscription
20 Submission Projects at Most
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months
Professional Subscription
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months

Notes: All subscription plans have the Unlimited Number of Submission Times. That is, you can repeatedly submit the same product.

Order Today, Get Double Subscription Length!
For 25 days only(Sep. 5-30), you can save up to 50%!


RegNow and ShareIt are the software industry's premier registration commerce providers. In these systems, you can use the following available ordering options: Credit Card, Paypal and Wire Transfer. We highly recommend that you use our Secure Online Order facility.

Our payment service providers: RegNow, ShareIt and Paypal.
They are the most respected, reliable and efficient online order services in the world. They use secure payment systems and accept most common credit cards.
For more information about shareware registration and order-taking service providers, you may visit any one of our sites below:


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Q: Why IconCool Green Submission Assistant is updated almost everyday?

You will find that IconCool Green Submission Assistant's main program or database are updated almost everyday. The reasons are listed below:

a. IconCool Green Submission Assistant supports over 500 download sites which have thousands submission entrances. If any submission entrance or submission url is changed, the program will catch the error when our testers or anyone submits to this site, and the error information will be sent to us automatically. Normally, we will update the database within 24 hours.

b. Our technical staffs will search new download sites everyday, and any user can also suggest new download site to us by just clicking "Suggest Site" button on the bottom-right corner. After test and programming, we will add the new download site to submission list within 7 working days.

c. We will always insist on improving the software and fix any bugs asap.

Q: What has always obsessed shareware/software developers for long time?

A: There might be various answers. But as a 15-year of software developer, we do our best to figure out the answer is how to quickly submit dozens of software products to the hundreds of download sites.

Q: What's the dilemma between manual submission and automatic submission?

Manual Submission: It works manually in every step and can achieve high successful submission rate. Now we assume you want to submit 10 new products or new versions to 1,000 download sites, which means you have to open the submission pages over 10,000 times, to fill over X*10,000 (X>1) tables and finally to click the Submit button over 10,000 times. Or if you need do the submission once every three months, you can't imagine you will meet so horrible terrible and big workload!
Automatic submission: You can also buy an automatic submission software or service for your submission. Unfortunately, because more and more difficult validation code automatic identification dooms to lower submission success rate. When hundreds of sites require you create the account manually, then receive emails to activate the accounts. We do doubt that whether the automatic submission software can accomplish these tasks accurately. Additionally, hundreds of sites require you to add the specific format backlinks to your site, for what we know that all automatic submission products we used have no backlink solutions.

And what's more, most of the download sites refuse and block automatic submission by taking the submission as spam. Assume you are a long-term user of automatic submission software, once your account is included in the spam blacklist, not only the present submission won't be accepted but the past submissions might be removed.


Q: Why the target site number is not 1000, or 800, or 700 but 562?

A: 562 sites are selected from 2300+ sites by tested carefully, which are composed of all the sites listed in the ASP organizations, all the sites listed in several famous automatic submission tools, and all the sites listed in several famous manually submission suppliers.
Only 562 sites are kept from 2300+ candidate sites, but other sites are removed based on the following reasons:
1) Not download site at all;
2) Must pay for the submission;
3) Can't present the success page rapidly after submission;
4) Database error or page error when submitting;
5) Always appear "Can't find backlink!" even though adding backlinks;
6) Can't support software download;
7) Can't find submission entrance at all.

After registration, you can get these 562 sites detailed categories (EXCEL format), including each site's various requirement and features.

You can also get the 200 non-target download sites that present lower submission success rate, which we believe are possible useful for you, and we will list the reasons why they aren't listed in the target sites.

Q: How long can our products be listed in the download sites after using IconCool Green Submission Assistant?

A: We believe that, as a shareware developer, you must already have some experience on this point. To our best experience, some sites mostly needing creating account will list your software products immediately when submission succeeds; part of the sites will send the confirmation emails to you in 1-7 working days after the submission and list your products in a short while; some sites needing manually edit and verify probably inform you that the software has been included in more than one week; part of the sites will declare that the software is likely to present in a few months or even several years if the backlink is invalid or can't be found; while some sites won't give you any feedbacks, regardless of whether your software is included or not.

IconCool Green Submission Assistant and all other submission services in the market can maximize the accuracy and success rates, but cannot guarantee that your software can be accepted by all the target sites.

Q: Do you have a suit of backlink solution?

Yes. We have an effective backlink solution from our long-term testing and documentation research. The solution can satisfy those download sites that need adding some specific format backlinks without too much work.

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Dear Sir or Madam,

Please read the following information carefully before submitting your ticket, it will be helpful for you.

1. If you have already purchased the product, there is no "Enter Registration Code" button in the registration dialog which indicates that you are still using the trial version not the full-working version. That is, you haven't upgraded it into the full-working version.

2. Normally, after your order being authorized, you can receive your registration code and upgrade info within 12 hours. If you haven't received them within 24 hours, please send us a message by the following form.

3. If you want to know more information about our products, or you meet some troubles while downloading, purchasing or using the products, we would like to help you at any time. We will try our best to satisfy you, and we also improve our customer supports in order to bring you much better customer service experience.

Please send your question to our customer supporter via the following form, and then our customer supporters will reply to you and solve your problem within 24 hours.

IconCool Feedback System

Thanks again for your consideration!

You can also contact our customer supporter via email address below
Registration and Sales
E-mail: sale11@IconCool.com
Technical Support
E-mail: supports11@IconCool.com
E-mail: admin11@IconCool.com

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